Friday, November 19

I Quit!

Well I've decided that, after over two years, it's time for me to quit Arabic Class. It's a shame, mainly cos it feels like I'm giving up in the face of failure, but the fact is I keep asking myself why I'm bothering with it... I'm finding it pretty difficult to keep up with my classmates (they keep having conversations in Arabic the content of which I have little idea about), I get frustrated with it and myself and I kinda feel bad all over. So it's gots to go. It has been like this for a while too, so I don't think I'm just having a temporary rant. I have four more lessons of this term left, so maybe I'll change my mind before the end.

I dunno if it's my fault - I think I put in the effort and I've never missed a homework let alone a class, but I guess you need more than that to learn a language. Perhaps I'm supposed to watch and listen to more things in Arabic, or perhaps if I had someone to converse with I would be at a level I'd be happy with? Possibly. I don't want to give up on the language altogether though, and hopefully I'll have the initiative to try studying it in a different, and possibly more effective, way. It would be a bigger shame if I let the time and money invested go to waste.

So this means I'll now have that bit of cash and Saturday mornings free again (Friday night is paaarty night again). I'd like to try something else to replace it though - it was pretty nice going back to study and actually learning and stuff. Any ideas?


  1. Some lessons in etiquette and elegance

  2. sewing or cookery classes - and there is a good chance you'll find single females here too.

  3. what do you mean, bj? whats wrogn with people who cant sew or cook?

  4. i do believe youre joking there...right? you can never be too sure in this virtual world..

    btw - i dont think there is such a thing as "cant" cook.