Wednesday, November 24

Game: Knights Of The Old Republic

Oops. I had forgotten to blog this review. Anyway, a bit late, but here it is.

I'm a bit concerned at the way everyone I know who has played this game raves about it, 'cos So far I'm not. An overly complex character development system (one of the first choices you have to make is between three classes to be the base of your character - how the hell am I supposed to know which will suit? I haven't played yet!) as well as a monotonous battle system (it's realtime, and I fear for my mouse button and the repeated clicks I make it do) and uneventful storyline aren't qualities of a good game, right?

However I'm confident (after asking friends and groups) that this impression is a common one and that the game picks up once the player gains some groovy force powers and manage to leave the first planet. Alas, at the moment I've got Paper Mario to play, so I won't find out till next year.

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