Sunday, November 21

Film: Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason Click for more info

Otherwise known as "Let's try to salvage this weekend's movie going". Well, Bridget's latest outing wasn't too bad actually, but that may have possibly been 'cos I was still hung over from the film last night.

Are all women this psycho about relationships? And is D'Arcy what us guys are supposed to live up to? Jebus. Even I fancied him a bit. Maybe.


  1. i want a Mr Darcy!!! i mean hell yeh.. he flys aall the way to (eermm where was she? Thailand)? to resuce her? aaww bless! he's a sweetheart man! damn these mr darcy's! they sooo dont exist! instead you get blokes who when you say " im ill" reply with "yeh so.. what you want me to do about it"... eermm then again.. i quite like a challenge! ;-) mr darcy's abit of a wuss!

    how much did you fancy him shakky? huh huh?..bridget's so ditzy aint she? :-) bless her.. poor blokes.. i do feel for you guys at times ya know.. like its not your fault you cant read 'our' minds huh?... but then it some cases youre all just doofuses (is that a word)???

  2. eermm ok.. so a few hours later and ive changed my mind :-S Darcy isnt a wuss at all, he's sweet, kind, caring and well i guess i gave the impression that i like 5hitheads like daniel cleaver.. so errm.. no :-) Darcy is lovely..just that he's abit boring :-S and not very spontaneous..but its ok, im sure guys can work on that right? anyway as usual i have no idea what im on about.. but im just babbling on..but i feel like it :-)