Wednesday, November 10

The $100 Million Dollar Man

I'm talking about Master Chief of Halo 2 fame, of course. And that's just first day sales. is awash with those in the UK receiving their copies early (official UK release is tomorrow) and telling us all how great it is.

Am I the only person not buying a copy? Possibly - I didn't really think much of the first one, but then I'm not really an FPS fan. What I'm looking forward to is Paper Mario to be released on Friday.

Anyway, $100,000,000 is an impressive amount of wonga, and more than most films make over the whole of their cinematic lifetimes. Spider-Man($115m) and Shrek 2($108m) are the only two which can really claim to have topped the opening $100m mark and these are both opening weekend figures so Halo 2's figure is still remarkable. Of course these movies went on to increase their takings to $772m/$850m respectively and it's hard to see how Halo 2 will turnover that much over its lifetime.

Anyway the point is that Videogames are quite serious business, and have been for a while. Bear that in mind the next time you tell me I play too much.

EDIT: Seems that it actually made $125 Million. That makes it more successful than the two flicks above, and the most successful entertainment event ever. Cripes. Game were out of stock this morning. Pfft.

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