Thursday, November 18


As some of you know I'm about to foray into the wonderful world of online matrimonials. The first one I've picked is the obvious, and I have a kind of idea of what to put down on my profile... But I've decided to ask you scabs for some help too.

So please, feel free to comment on what kinda stuff I should put down. There's no guarantee that I'll include your suggestions, but it will help. Be gentle though - THIS IS SERIOUS STUFF.


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  2. (take 2)

    good advice, bumbles. you dont want to string anyone along and neither do you want anyone else to treat you in that way... i would say the most important thing is for you to be honest. after all, marriage is serious business, right? you could write what you expect from your partner, and what youll give in return etc..

  3. how much can you add to this profile for shaadi? Is it specific?

    Have you had a look at what other people have put down and that?