Friday, November 19

Tube Tales

So the other day I was coming home from Arabic Class pretty late. There I was minding my own business when at the end of the Tube carriage I saw a girl in a hijaab making out with her Muslim boyfriend/fiancee/husband. I considered the situation for a moment (it's not the first time I've seen this, and probably won't be the last - not that it's anything special, well in London anyway), then got on with listening to Spandau Ballet and reading my Metro.

Other people's reactions to this were interesting though. It was amusing seeing an uncle-jee trying not to look. And I was curious to see what happened when the fully bearded, Muslim-clothed (y'get me, right?) and topi wearing uni student came on the train (I was bitterly disappointed btw).

So why am I blogging this? I honestly don't know. I'm all for public displays of affection (and when I say "making out" it wasn't that bad), and I certainly don't think a hijaab implies anything about how a particular girl wearing one should behave. But then it isn't something you see everyday and so I thought I'd share. Have any of you ever seen this? If so, what do you reckon?

I wonder how I'll behave with my (possibly hijab wearing) partner on a train?


  1. and?

    how often have i seen a bearded man making out with his partner in public? not very...not at all actually.

  2. LOL. lets not start this all over again bj..

  3. seen this a few times.. guess the worst was when I saw it in a club.. a little shocking I thought.. but live and let live ey.