Sunday, November 14

Eid Resolutions

Ok, so I've decided to start my own personal tradition of making a resolution to keep each Eid. I figure if I give myself a new goal to achieve twice a year then they'll have a good chance of being followed - but then who knows if I'll even remember to make one next time... And judging by how others' New Year's Resolutions go maybe I'm being a tad optimistic?

Anyway this time it's all to do with discarding any irrational fear that I may have when trying to make a decision. Now, this is quite a wide ranging one so bear with me while I elaborate. I'm talking about how sometimes I (seemingly rationally) talk myself out of doing something because of what might potentially happen. Maybe some of you can relate?

Hmm... Still not clear is it? Ok, perhaps some concrete examples would help. Here are two things which I've always claimed I'll never do and that I may now do in the future. The first is to go watch films by myself in the cinema (yes I know. This is a pretty trivial one, but then that's what puts it in this list) and the second is to go on to one of those matrimonial sites. These are pretty small things, but the point is that the reasons why I haven't done them in the past are even smaller.

Now this could all just be a massive exercise in backtracking and an excuse for the fact that I'm contradicting what I've said in the past, but I don't think it is - and I don't care if others do too (which the more astute readers will realise is 'cos of this here resolution which I am making).

And some of its effects may have already been seen - for example yesterday I called both new and old people to dish out Eid greetings despite that inner voice telling me not to 'cos "they didn't want to hear from me", "it's been too long since you last spoke" or that "you'll bore them" or to "just send 'em a mail later and let them reply". And I think (or at least I hope) that they appreciated the fact that I did anyway. And I'm sure some of them didn't. But the point is we wouldn't have known otherwise, innit?

So will this lead to a more positive, happier, adventurous and effective me? Who knows... It'll interesting to see what happens though. The danger is that I may overstep the mark on some things - ignoring rational reasoning thinking that it is otherwise, but hopefully I won't. And I have you guys to tell me when I am anyway...

And don't worry - Hopefully my next resolution will be to stop waffling so much...

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