Sunday, November 21

Film: Veer-Zaara Click for more info

A predictable and emotionally cheap affair. Bad dialogue as well as an uninspiring soundtrack ("I'm here, here, here and here". I mean, come on) didn't help either. And then there was the weak plot - now I'm one to disregard an overuse of poetic licence if it delivers a gripping storyline, but all the corrupt Pakistani policemen and strict heartless Muslim parents (amongst other things) couldn't help this one.

Even my shallow side wasn't happy: The promise of a hot Muslim lawyer (Rani) didn't score any points. Preity wasn't up to her usually stunning standard either (it's almost unbelievable that the same actor starred in KHNH). For balance I'll mention a rare moment when I enjoyed in the film as being when Veer's village celebrates Doli. It was also refreshing to see a Bolly film with no nudity nor laughable "action sequences". Unfortunately I can't seem to remember much else.

Perhaps I'm being too harsh (I was expecting much more), but there really isn't much about this film that I can recommend - especially if it means sitting in a theatre for 3 hours. I wasn't alone either: Those that didn't walk out early were left struggling to stay awake. No one seemed to care toward the end and many were more interested in their mobile phones than the outcome of the film.

My advice? Wait for the DVD and create your own director's cut - you'll be through it within 45 minutes, tops. Better still, go watch Kyun? Ho Gaya Na...

ADDENDUM (from a comment posted on another blog):

This film didn't represent love. In fact it almost insulted it by battering it over the head with a farcical club. A good love story should make the audience feel with the characters and relate with what they're going through despite having no similar experience. This did neither and in places did the opposite.

That is exactly what Chopra usually delivers - VZ didn't do his talent justice, and shouldn't be mentioned in the same breath as his Mohabbateins, DTPHs and DDLJs. Even the relative "lightweight" Hum Tum was more enjoyable and effective. Notice how some of the more positive reviews feel like they owe it to him to like his latest work (even though they include words like "disappointing").

The Indo-Pak message was as weak as it was in Main Hoon Naa and shouldn't have been focused on as much as it was. In fact the whole problem with the film can be wrapped up in the scene where Anupam's character quit law. Mindnumblingly silly. And don't get me started on the old-young-old-young special effects bonanza toward the end...

As for my (as well as the whole of Cineworld, Ilford on Saturday night) being heartless... Well possibly. But if so, then that just goes to prove my point: A good love (or otherwise) story would have melted the coldest of hearts and not just appeal to those that are "weaklings when it comes to emotional love stories". If anything it shows how shallow and exploitative this flick actually was.


  1. "all the corrupt Pakistani policemen and strict heartless Muslim parents"

    oH PUUUHHLLEASE.. her parents were hardly heartless!!!! Her mother said she would pray they have each other in another life.. as for the corrupt policemen they show that about indian policemen all the time.

    Besides that situation was more to do with the hurt ego of her fiance then the corrupt police!!!

    BTW its called LODI not DOLI.

  2. it might not have been his type, zahera but he thrashed it so badly.

    you know, they should retitle it "Veer Zaara - not for the heartless".