Monday, November 8

The OC Suxx0rs

"WHATCHU SAY?!?" I hear you scream. Well excuse me, but I've been watching American Teen Soaps for, like, ever and so I know what I'm talking about here. Don't get me wrong - six months ago I was The OC's biggest fan (in the UK anyhow, 'cos Americans are just nuts like that) and I was converting people to the cause left, right and center.

But something has changed since then. Weak plots that rely on sensationalism rather than depth have taken over. Regurgitated storylines which WE JUST SAW THE LAST EPISODE are the norm now, while whoever is in charge of writing the show chooses to rush past anything different which may develop into something interesting.

My theory is that they've spent all the potential "big hitter" storylines already and have nothing left to keep us gripped - for example, the sparring couple of Seth and Summer got together in less than half a season leaving no conflict, no tension, NOTHING for the rest of it. Jebus, even Marisa and Ryan have broken up and gotten back together since the show started. What's left for us to see? In their generosity, the writers have shown their hand, spent their load, emptied their wallets and have nothing left to give us.

Listen carefully, oh makers of the show: This may have been fine for 90210 but we now live in a world that has experienced Dawson's Creek and I'm afraid that the bar has now been lifted. One Tree Hill is managing fine (so far - signs of Orange Countyism are creeping in that too), so there is no reason why The OC can't. The people in charge need to step back and re-evaluate or something. Perhaps they have already and Season Two (currently airing in the US - we have two episodes left of this season before we get to see that immediately after) has thrown back to how The OC used to be not more than twenty episodes ago...

Oh, and Jim Bloody Robinson doesn't help either, man. Get rid of him and I promise you'll have me for another season at least.


  1. and writers if you happen to be reading this - give spammy a role! he'd be great!

    for those of you who have lost faith in teen american shows, watch spooks on the get to see the hunnk - Adam!

  2. yeah I miss summer and seths love hate relationship it was soo cute. All that chemistry and nowhere to go with it was fab.

    One Tree Hill aint too bad .. not all that but okay

    oh last nights spooks was great!

  3. sanny i think the last two eps were better... last night's i found alittle boring. cant believe Adam authorised an assasination.. sniff.

  4. Yeah I know what you mean sofs, but I really felt for poor Danny.. and that Ruth is just strange!!!

  5. did you watch the short preview to next weeks show? she will stand trial...ohhhhhh!

  6. i think she will be found GUILTY .. dum dum dum..

  7. sorry spamz..ive seen the error in my ways. no more posting rubbish on your blog.