Monday, November 29

Avast! AntiVirus

What, more software? Those that read regularly will know that I have a habit of "blog vomiting", but if I don't do it now I'll prolly forget to before it's too late so...

Anyway: Is anyone as sick of Norton AntiVirus as I was? If so, I heartily recommend Avast! as a worthy replacement - especially since it's free. Not only that, but it works as well as NAV (perhaps even better, although NAV wasn't that bad. Others report that it's a bit of a resource hog though).

As well as the now-common e-mail protection (which, like in NAV, is the first thing I disable), this also offers IM protection (amazingly with support for Trillian) and P2P (including support for the various Kazza variants and The Mule). The interface isn't as slick as NAV's, but it does the job.

Of course the best thing is that this does away with the yearly hunt for the new version of NAV to avoid subscription renewals. You know who you are...

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