Wednesday, June 20

Whitehaven Beach

Today was mainly spent exploring Whitsunday Island and, in particular, Whitehaven Beach. Now many of you must have seen this in pictures or on the telly, but it really was amazing to see.

The 99.5% pure silicon sand was fine and clear and put even the Gold Coast to shame. It also had the magical property of never getting hot, and so is a pleasure to walk through barefooted. We all ended up playing Stuck in the Mud and British Bulldog (and variations of). It was pure childlike fun and a proper bonding session for all of us.

After we were done on the beach, we sailed for a bit longer and had our final snorkelling session off Border Island. After my experience yesterday I was reluctant to go in, but I did anyway thinking that it was my last time. And I'm glad that I did: I had finally gotten the hang of the damn thing and was able to get some pretty good views for minutes at a time (the trick is, of course, to remain calm and relaxed while breathing through the tube).

So day two is almost to an end and I'm still having a brilliant time. Still, a part of me is looking forward to disembarking tomorrow morning...