Thursday, June 14

Big Bear

One of the tasks set for me today was to acquire a big ass teddy bear for the Gate Ceremony tomorrow. The plan itself is top secret, but we had already seen a bear almost as big as me in a Target store in the city. Since we had quite a few bits to do today, the groom and I split up. I took the bear task because I thought it would be easy.

And it was easy. Perhaps a bit too easy. To cut a long story short I was done way too early and so had to spend what felt like hours wondering around The Myer Centre waiting for my so called mate. I'm sure he took longer than he should have getting back.

Now, carrying an over sized bear around sounds pretty fun in theory. It wasn't though. It was heavy and I was hot and the whole situation was embarrassing. Still, I got loads of smiles from passer-bys, particularly the girlies which was nice (the looks from security, less so). One guy even asked if it was for me, to which I replied: "Hey man, even a guy like me needs a bit of lovin'".