Saturday, June 2

Food: FishWorks Click for more info

We visited the Primrose Hill branch of this fish food restaurant, and to be frank I wasn't too stunned. Based at the back of a fishmongers, the atmosphere and decor were nice enough, but the food wasn't that amazing (although I'm not really much of a fresh fish fan) especially for the price we had to pay (which by the nature of the place was always going to be dear). A bag of starters, mains, dessert and a couple of drinks totalled to around 26 per head; I can think of many places to get a much better meal and experience from for that price.

But if anything you pay for the location, the Primrose Hill area being a nice place for a stroll after dinner. But since that bit can be had for free, it's a tenuous justification at best to visit this place. Unless you're a total fish nut, of course.

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