Thursday, June 14

Her Name Was Tessa

Lunch was had on the Gold Coast. The details aren't particularly interesting, but I just had to write about our waitress. You see, I think I fell in love with her during the hour or so in which she was serving us.

She is definitely the most attractive girl I have seen yet during my stay in Australia. It probably goes without saying that she was totally hot, but there was much more than that to her.

She was also friendly and sweet, but I think it was her blasé attitude that got to me the most. It's almost like she knew that she was a bad waitress but didn't really care either way. And you know what? Neither did I.

I know I have a habit of obsessing over random girls I only see for a fleeting moment, but Tessa is different and so right now is at the top of that list. She's also a definite highlight of my trip so far. Sigh.