Tuesday, June 5

End of the Line: Puma Nostros

It's probably human nature to always consider the pair of trainers that you currently own the best you've ever had. But I really think that my Puma Nostros are high in my own trainer hall of fame. You must have seen them; they've been very popular in their various configurations over the last four or five years. However, unlike the usual leather ones, mine were made out of canvas. Not only were they unique in that respect, they also went quite well with the majority of my wardrobe.

They were totally fabulous. They were my first "flat" trainer; close to the ground with not much sole. Ironically these made them more comfortable than other trainers, possibly because they sat like gloves on my feet rather than shoes.

There were some issues though, mainly to do with the lack of any kind of resistance to the wet. Even if it wasn't raining, they had an awful ability to draw up dampness from the floor. I could only really wear these on dry days, meaning I would only use them for half the year. Which brings me to the next flaw: they seem to be much more fragile than the average trainer.

Maybe it's the flatness, or maybe it's the canvas, but I'm not sure how long they'll last now. I managed to pull off the first holes (by the big toes) as some kind of trendy fashion statement (I've not been sent home from work yet anyway), but now splits are appearing all over the shop - even if they didn't now look spent, I'm not sure they can literally stay in one piece anyway.

So alas the time has come for them to be retired. And as a fitting way to honour the service they've given me over the last few years, I've chosen to wear them to Australia. They probably won't last the trip, but at least I know they'll have died in a good way, providing me comfort till the end and when I needed it the most. Maybe I'll throw them into the Pacific when they're finally done.

RIP My Canvas Puma Nostros. You were a good trainer, and I can only hope your replacement will be half as good.