Sunday, June 10

The Jenolan Caves

Since Monday was a bank holiday I got uncle to take me out. I didn't want to rest as I was being told to, since I didn't want to go to bed until bedtime; that way I hoped to nix any jet-lag firmly in the bud.

We decided to go inland, towards the Blue Mountains. In fact we went pretty deep into them, heading to the Jenolan Caves, two and a half hours away from where I was actually staying. This turned out to be quite far, especially since we only hung around the caves for an hour or so.

Apparently there was some pretty good views and scenery on the way up the mountains. I say apparently because I fell asleep in the car. Cough. Still, I got a taste on approaching the caves and they were pretty spectacular in themselves, so the day wasn't a total write off. Piccies can be found here.