Sunday, June 17

Australian South African Muslims

Like I mentioned two posts down, I've never really been to a reception like today's; at least not one hosted by Muslims. On reflection, however, the reception is pretty indicative of what I've observed of the Muslims here in Brisbane in general.

So we have some women wearing hijabs, and others wearing some pretty revealing clothes (and those of you who know me will realise I say that as an observation rather than criticism or judgement; as a related aside there were quite a few hotties at today's party). Men and women were freely mixing, exchanging hugs as freely as their conversation.

But at the respective times, a large majority also went to pray. And they talk about Islam and its place in the world. I'd totally describe them as practising and I'm always attracted to this level of balance (even if it is of the extreme kind).

It was all so surreal and uncanny, yet somewhat completely familiar to me. I've never claimed to be unique in my faith or practise of it and, as well as a few existing friends, the people here pretty much prove that assertion.

It's like finding not one or two, but a whole raft of kindred spirits. Discoveries like this are pretty vindicating actually. I just hope I keep finding them as time goes on; especially when it may matter the most (if you know what I mean).

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