Friday, June 15

Mohammad and Rehana

After Jummah, the Nikkah ceremony of Mohammad and Rehana was performed.

It's not often that I meet someone who is able to get a great big part of me. And to be honest it becomes refreshing to converse deeply with someone without having to repeat yourself or explain your way of thinking, since in that situation you can actually further the discussion in your own mind without having to dumb yourself down in order to get any other response.

Mohammad is one of those people. Add to that his sense of balance and character and I end up with someone I feel quite the kinship with.

It's also fair to say that he was there during a big change in my life - the social leap I took a few years ago. He played a part in that and an example of this was how he had introduced me to The City Circle, which, although not that amazing in itself did open many other doors and friends. For that I'm thankful.

I hadn't really known Rehana much before I had come to Australia; I had only met her the one time in London. However it was obvious how great she was from the moment she picked me up from Brisbane airport; sure I had arranged to fly in the same time as Mohammad and his family but it was still a really nice gesture that she didn't have to do.

Her family are just as nice, and the care and love shown to us so far has been pretty incredible. Even more for an outsider like me. I'm not ashamed to say that I'm a little jealous of the family Mohammad is marrying into and he's shown that there's really no need to compromise when looking for a partner. I've no doubt that they're totally suited to one another.

Today's wedding was pretty much the reason I had travelled all the way to Australia. Now that it had been completed it marks the half way point of the trip, both literally and figuratively. I just hope the second half is as brilliant as the first.