Saturday, June 16

Post Wedding Party

After a brilliantly long day, the in laws took some of us out for pizza and chilling in nearby Milton. It was pretty much the first time I was hanging out with them without the groom to qualify my presence (he and the bride had gone of to their hotel as you do), and so it was nice to be accepted as a clear friend rather than friend-of-a-friend. It makes me feel confident about the rest of my time in Brisbane.

On the way back to Spring Hill we were stopped for what appeared to be random breathalyser tests. Cars were queued up at a check point, and each and every driver was being requested to blow into a pipe. This is only interesting since I was the one driving that night.

I've never had a breath test and I found the whole thing fascinating. So much so that, in classic Curious-Shak fashion I stared asking the cop about the tests - how often they do it, why, that kind of thing. If course, he was as confused as my friends were; everyone except for me wanted us to carry on.

I finally got the message after being hushed forward by the cop and my friends simultaneously. Oh dear.