Monday, June 11

On My Jones

Of course, I spent my time wondering around Sydney on my own. Now technically this isn't really a problem; I often roam London alone and I'm proud to say I'm comfortable in my own company - all I really need is some good music in my ear and a decent book to read when needed and I'm fine.

Today was a bit difficult though. Here was a bunch of new experiences that I had no one else to share with - no commenting about something you see, or the cracking of jokes or expressing of interest to others. In fact, it was so bad that I even noticed that I hadn't said much at all during the day. So yes, I certainly enjoy going to new places with other people.

On the other hand there was definitely some positives to being on my own - there was a sense of freedom and independence you wouldn't get while in the company of others, and there was no way I could have gotten as much done as I had if I wasn't alone. Plus I think I was forced to interact with Sydney more than I would have otherwise.

I guess there's a place for doing things both on your own and with others. Luckily this trip will provide me with both experiences, so hopefully I'll get the best of both worlds overall.