Wednesday, June 20

Broken Flush

The SV Whitehaven has a very strange toilet, or at least a very strange two-part flushing mechanism.

You start off by pulling a lever connected to a pump (I think); each pull empties the bowl a bit and it takes three pulls to empty it completely. You then press a button to refill the bowl. This has to be done three times to leave the place clean for the next user. Sounds simple right?

Well it had to break for someone, and that someone had to be me. And yes, you've guessed it, it was after I had gone for a dump. I was, of course, terribly embarrassed, when explaining to the crew how pulling the lever seemed to be regurgitating crap (literally) rather than sucking it all away.

But it seemed to have been by design; luckily for me it was fixed straight away. Phew.