Sunday, June 24


I've one more night in Brisbane, and two more in Australia. That means that I've been here for over two weeks now. This in turn is bizarre since I've yet to feel at all homesick.

Feelings of homesickness usually kick in for me after around a week. I would say it hits me without fail, but Australia seems to be an exception. Quite the opposite in fact since I really don't want to go back home and am a bit jealous of my friend, the groom, as he's staying behind for a further two or three months.

So instead of missing home, I'm missing this place already; I have to admit feeling slightly poignant and even depressed when saying goodbye to everyone at my last dinner party here this evening. So much so that a few people had commented that I didn't seem myself any more.

Just goes to show what a fantastic time I'm having here - it's been fun, busy and interesting, but most of all I've been made to feel so welcome I've not missed home much at all. It feels like I've been here for months, but in a good way.

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