Sunday, June 17

Conversation With The Photographer

C, the professional photographer, had become pretty familiar to us over the last few days of him snapping away. However, as I found out during the reception, he may have become a bit too familiar:

C: "So... when will it be your turn Shak?"
Me: "Uh... Excuse me?"
C: "You know, to have all this. To get married?"
Me: "Oh. Erm. When I find someone who says 'yes', innit?"
C: "Ho ho ho. Come now. Now, I'm not gay, but you're quite the looker you know"

Unsurprisingly (or perhaps not), I wasn't entirely flattered by this compliment. In fact I quickly made my excuses and backed away. I have to admit that it was a bit uncomfortable; especially seeing as C was getting married the next weekend!

Rumour has it that he wants to get me into the studio too, for what he describes as "a private session". I mean hey, if I said yes to every photographer who wanted to shoot me... Well let's just say there'd be a lot of pictures of me lying around in private collections.