Saturday, June 2

Film: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End Click for more info

The third in the POTC trilogy (unless there's a fourth, of course), At World's End picks up the story exactly where the second left us unforgivably hanging. The usual crew are out to save Captain Jack Sparrow in order to group together the world's pirates against an increasingly ruthless Lord Beckett.

Since I found DMC so disappointing, I went in to watch this with low expectations; a tribute to the still amazing opener of the series. And this attitude seemed to work - I certainly enjoyed AWE more than the last one.

That's not to say it reached the heights of The Curse of the Black Pearl, of course. But it stuck to the basics okay (in fact I can only really remember four or five stages in the film), was funny, well acted (with Keira looking even hotter than she usually does) and had more than enough action to satisfy. It was also just as hard to follow as its counterparts; I was scratching my head a few times wondering what was going on, but unlike as it was with Pearl figuring it out wasn't as rewarding.

So a saving grace with respect to DMC, AWE is worth a watch if only to conclude the series as a whole. Oh, and like you should have done with the others, make sure you stick around till after the credits.