Sunday, June 24

Bowling, Pool, Karaoke, Pictionary

Aaaah, this is the life.

After a pretty uneventful Saturday day, I couldn't help but feel that it had been somewhat wasted; probably because my trip had been so jam packed up till then. It's now coming up to 3am, and I've had such a brilliant night that I've definitely salvaged the evening... And then some. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

I've spoken before about how super the new in-laws have been here. Today was another example of that, especially seeing as they were just taking me out and no one whom they were actually related to. The plan was to have dinner and then head to a bowling ally and play a couple of games; nice and easy going.

The lanes were full, so that was a bit of a bust. Instead we hit the Pool tables and had a game or two. I lost abysmally of course.

After that, we managed to somehow swing the already booked private Karaoke room for half an hour. I did Karaoke in Brisbane! Fantastic. It's much cheaper there then it is here too.

Finally we headed back to one of the sister's place. We spent the main part of the evening/night/morning there sitting around the dining table chilling out, eating Tim Tams (there's a way to eat them don't you know), and playing Pictionary (which the guys shoulda actually have won) and just having a good old general laugh.

It really was superb and exactly the kind of thing I was after after the adventure that was The Whitsundays. Some people thought that I was a bit boring to be coming back to Brisbane when I could have fitted in another excursion, but I knew that I'd always enjoy the company of friends and local people over seeing another rock or beach, especially since the weather was so not on my side.

And I was absolutely right in this case too, 'cos today rocked.