Sunday, April 30

Young And Old, Old And Young

I attended a friend's surprise 18th birthday party this evening. It seemed to work well - apparently the best way to distract someone from an upcoming surprise party is to tell them you're throwing a surprise for someone else. In fact, you can sometimes even get them to do work for their own party. Fantastic.

I sometimes forget that I'm not the same age as some of my good friends. They're not just younger; I have some people pretty close to me who are well into their thirties. I don't think I'm particularly unique in enjoying such a situation, however despite this I'm not sure how many other people would be able to discuss both the current story from One Tree Hill as well as why Pillow Talk is, like, the best Doris Day movie ever.

I guess it's a good thing being able to relate to and find things in common with people of all ages, but there are times when I wonder how normal it is. Hmmm.