Friday, April 21

City Circle: Enemy Combatant - An Audience with Moazzam Begg Click for more info

Begg doesn't really need any introduction, and since his book was released he's been in the media quite a bit in both live and recorded forms. However, seeing him in person isn't really something to look over and, as is usual with these "special" CCs, LSE's Old Theatre was packed.

Begg was as articulate and composed as ever and may have even been funnier in person. He didn't really dwell on his experiences in Guantanamo Bay (except for saying he had a much worse time in Bagram) and on the whole his set piece was pretty succinct and concise; unusually for a CC the Q&A afterwards was the main event.

And once again this is where it went wrong. However interesting the guests and panels CC brings us are, we, the audience, are far from being able to take advantage. Save a handful of questions, nothing too involving was being asked and one has to wonder if we are actually ready for forums and worthy of such guests as these. Not that I'm any less to blame of course, not having any questions to ask of Begg myself.

Going back to the talk itself, Begg made sure he communicated his usual points: that life is valuable no matter whose it is and that although it's very well us fighting against the injustices presented to us by the CNNs and Al-Jazeeras, we should not forget those which don't enjoy such limelight.