Thursday, April 27


xxxx: i wud rather revise any topic than sux
Shak: maths is life
Shak: remember that
xxxx: well life is gay then
Shak: :@
Shak: yorue gay
xxxx: wish i was..girls are hotter than men these days lol
Shak: always have been dear, always have been
Shak: you guys dont have much to choose from tbh


  1. yep..hard times.

  2. @ kabana

    with re to your question on a previous post .. my full name is sangeeta.

    and yes Shak you guys have a better choice :(

  3. oo and i'm xxxx btw. oh your sangeeta. cheers.

  4. >>you guys dont have much to choose from tbh

    totally agree. the older im getting, the more im noticing that the ones worth marrying are already married** and so sad as this sounds, we all have to make do with perving on them until something comes up.

    *all male acquaintences, contacts, bloggers, people ive posted to etc etc are excluded from this, of course. right. yeah..