Monday, April 17

Amsterdam, Day 4: Going Home

Like Friday, there wasn't much more to do today than catch the plane home. Despite this deceptively simple sounding objective, we still had a couple of forgotten passports and then a no-money-to-pay-the-taxi situation. Still what would a holiday be without memories?

Anyway, Amsterdam is ok. I think we spent the exact right amount of time there, even though it was a bit inefficient to spend three nights. It lived up to its reputation of food, art and architecture so if you're into these things then it may be even more enjoyable for you. If not, well, it's worth a visit if you've already been to the other more prominent European cities. You may want to avoid going during Easter though!

Oh, and no, I didn't get stoned.


  1. wot no pot? that's the first time i heard of amsterdam having a reputation for it's 'food, art and architecture'. what's the point in visiting the 'dam unless you're going to indulge in drugs and voyeurism?

  2. yeah, just like the good muslim boy he is. of course...