Saturday, April 22

Southall Click for more info

I get given a Porsche Cayenne S for 24 hours, so what else is there to do but plan a trip to Southall with The Collective? Especially since it was in fact a retry of the postponed trip we had attempted over a year ago.

Armed with CDs full of Bhangra and RnB we made our way there, learning from the mistakes of the past and avoiding the infamous A406 rush. Less than a hour later and at first we almost missed The Broadway it was that dead. It was relatively early though and so we decided to park up and explore on foot, our objective being to find somewhere to eat and chill. That we did and we also managed to pray - one of the things I love about the Green Streets/Ilford Lanes/Southall Broadways of this world is how there's always a place to perform salah somewhere nearby.

By then it was around 2pm, and all of a sudden the landscape had changed. The rude boys and girlies were out in full force, the sun was shining and the vibe was beginning to, erm, vibrate. Unfortunately due to time commitments we had to head home, but that wasn't before one last drive up and down The Broadway, windows down and music blasting. Woot.

But if I'm honest I was a bit underwhelmed overall. I actually reckon Green Street and Ilford are both more interesting places to visit. I'm still a bit curious about Southall - if we ever return I'd like to spend a little more time absorbing the atmosphere and trying out the other places to eat. Unfortunately I probably won't have a Porsche then, but that's ok, I'll survive.