Friday, April 14

I'm Not Online In Amsterdam

Just so you all know. Sheeesh.


  1. What is it with the Netherlands? Shakalaka baby seems to be there right now. A friend of mine is of to The Hague (or "Den Haag" as they referred to it!) this weekend, and my parents are of to The Hague next week.

    Is there something new going on in the Netherlands that I should see?

  2. dont worry Osie, if there was anything good going on (i.e a fit male model show of some sort), then, rest assured, my sources would deffo let me know, and me you.

    And shaks is posting from amsterdam? chi!

  3. My best mate and his wife have gone too - wierd

  4. Shakalaka baby.. im sure I started that off :$ :)

    what has he gone for?
    to get high?

    altho im sure hes too sida saada for that!!!

  5. did u do mushrooms?

  6. kabana: did you?