Friday, April 28

600 minutes and 400 texts

That's my monthly allowance on my new phone tariff. Considering my track record, I'm not sure whether that's ironic or just plain crazy. I also have 50 video minutes and 50 MMS, which seem more interesting. At least I won't have to pay call charges for, like, ever. Thank heavens none of these roll over otherwise that would just be embarrassing.

And they all double up for the first three months too, giving me twenty hours of talk time each bill. I so need a kuri (or twelve).


  1. man i'm outta my 600 mins already :(

    so glad that i have double next month :D

    and hey shak if you ever need to talk .. i have video calling ;)

  2. ooo Shakky baby I have video calling if you ever need to talk...someones got an admirer havent they.

  3. ooo shakky darling, i will be getting video calling just for you..