Friday, April 21

Food: Nakhon Thai Click for more info

This little Thai can be found tucked away off London Wall, presumably to cater for The City Folk working there during the week. As such, it was (mercifully) empty at the 9:30pm that we arrived at. This was a good thing, since there were twenty of us requiring seats (with six more to come).

But of course some go for the food, not the company (ahem). Now, I can't say I'm the biggest Thai fan, but I have enjoyed Thai food before (like that served at Mango Tree). Unfortunately I didn't enjoy the food at Nakhon.

It might have just been a bad choice of dish, me picking the Chilli Tofu and Egg Noodles - both of which seemed to be drowning in pepper and indigestible vegetables. Some of the prawn dishes I dipped into were nice, I guess, but to be honest it was more than just the food which left a bad taste in my mouth. Still, the ten pounds per head charge was a consolation.

If you have a big group requiring Thai food on a Friday night you know where to go. Other than that, I can't really find a reason to recommend Nakhon Thai.