Saturday, April 29

Food: Fusion Halal Chinese Click for more info

Unfortunately the journey to Tooting wasn't quite paid for by the food waiting for me there. As I've noted before, Halal Chinese places are a dime a dozen now, and so it usually takes a lot to be something special over the rest. Despite the nice atmosphere (decor was nice, the place was clean and they happily seated 25 of us) the food just wasn't up to scratch.

Still, there were some good points - costs were low (we managed a tenner per head), the appetizers well above average (I actually loved my Chilli Prawns in Breadcrumbs) and the servings were pretty huge; most dishes still had food in them when we were done. Alas this wasn't enough to make up for the mains, with dry, bland rice and noodles being a common theme for the night.

If you find yourself craving for Halal Chinese while in Tooting then you can just about get away with Fusion, provided you stick to multiple starters and avoid the mains completely.

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  1. I cannot believe that you have to register to post a bloody reply?! I only wanted to say how funny it was that I Googled 'Bradford halal Chinese' and your blog was the first link so I loaded it up and waded through them all till I got to the last one and then it's not even a rave review. Anyway, where is Tooting? But it was an interesting read, must say you do write like a girl, is Shakil a girl's name these days? :S

    I digress, ta for the review blogster and the MI3 1 which I probably will still watch since only other option is Prime.