Sunday, April 23

Film: Mistress of Spices Click for more info

Oh my this is a bad film. Bad acting, a terrible confusing plot and shamefully poor direction makes me wonder how this ever made it to the big screen.

Chadha (who helped pen the screenplay; her husband Berges took on direction duties) fans will be glad to know that this is yet another film about an Asian woman having to choose between her culture/tradition and some generic white bloke (and look: the nice Asian guy isn't gay for once). Okay, so that much is to be expected, but the rest of the film is filled with cliche and atrocity.

It's not even a case of it being so bad it's good. You can't even go with the excuse of having supported British Asian cinema. Utterly awful.


  1. ..I think i'm still in shock.

  2. Aw my poor mum and her friends. They had their hearts set on this film being abit of a hit. They were all in it btw.