Sunday, April 9

Film: Inside Man Click for more info

On the face of it, this was a straightforward bank robbery flick. Delve a bit deeper and you still don't find much else, but there were enough moments to keep us amused; Nancy Mann's interrogation had us in stitches. Ahem.

However, the film did have a kind amateurish feel to it. The beginnings and ends of some takes were clearly seen, and some bits appeared to have been thrown together without care. Thankfully, Spike Lee doesn't try to make too many statements (although they are there - including the ace GTA-esque PSP game) but the promised twists and turns were missed by at least this viewer.

So not really much to recommend here, unless you've everything else. Even then, make sure you're in a silly mood in order to make the most of the more farcical moments.

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