Sunday, April 2

I'm Shak, And I Own A Blog

It seems that day after day this blog is becoming bigger than I am. More than once I've been introduced as "Shak, who has a blog dontcha' know", more than once people have "dropped" a subject that they think would make a really good article and most worryingly, more than once people have stopped short of what they were saying just in case it end up on these pages.

I've never actively given out my blog address or told people I've maintained one, so all this is pretty surprising. I guess it's equally flattering (that people actually think the crap I write is worth anything) and scary (that I'm almost wholly defined as someone who blogs), but what I know for sure is that at this rate this thing will pretty soon have a mind of its own!


  1. just don't forget those who made you famous okay!

  2. heheh, good stuff. i still believe you should comment a little more on your own blog. it'll make it more of a shak experience. not commenting on your own blog is kind of a stupid rule...

  3. blog popularity has it's down points though .. :|

  4. '>>yes people like geetaaaaaaaaa leave worthless messages.

    also by 'don't forget who made you famous'

    i think geetaaaaaaaaaaa just meant dont forget her'

    hey, if you want a reaction i see 2 issues: 1) i dont think "geeeeta" is immature enough to respond or react to it and 2) shaks blog is hardly the most desired place for it (in my humble opinion, but of course, each to their own...)..

    anyway...having said that..

    i have spare time and dont mind charging the cells abit(feels like im outta practice, sometimes!), so if you wanna bitch..meoooowww baby!