Tuesday, April 25

How I Eat Mine

I carefully peel the foil, making sure none of it rips (since I'm going to flatten it out perfectly when I'm done eating its contents).

Once the egg is wallowing in its naked goodness, I then proceed to munch from the top to the bottom (averaging a total of four bites) making sure I don't spill any fondant on the way. I never proceed to the next bite till my mouth is completely devoid of any taste from the last bite.

My teeth hurt.


  1. hmmm..im reading this and wondering whatd happen if someone, who knew your love for it, came and took it off you as you were just slowly going for the 2nd or 3rd bite..hehe. would you allow em to? or would you snatch it back? he he he

    hehe im so funny NOT!

  2. i don't like them. they taste yuk

  3. lol. i agree with san. Theyre mank. btw san what is ur full name? U've taken most of my name too with three of those letters.

  4. I always wondered what stuff is made of on the inside cos they dont have ingredients on the wrapper... do they?

  5. One of my uni mates actually though that the filling inside the chocolate egg was that from a real egg (the yoke and all that yucky if uncooked slimey stuff). Of course i didnt believe him. Im not that gullible.

  6. >>One of my uni mates actually though that the filling inside the chocolate..

    [shakes head] how disappointing..