Friday, January 30

Food: The Canopy Click for more info

A small but plush eatery in Limehouse of the "halal-shisha" variety, The Canopy isn't really that special in a market full of this kinda thing. And just like is the case with its competitors, The Canopy was chock with students (which you may or may not like depending on your viewpoint).

The food was passable if a bit pricey (EDIT: and as I found the next day gave me a belly ache), but the service and vibe was fairly good. Nothing special, but something to check out if you're in the area.


  1. Anonymous00:29

    canopy use to be good now its reopened and is a soo rubbish, the management are unprofessional and rude, there new food is crap as well as there overpriced crap shisha, there was a time with the previous owners they had good food like steaks but went to there reopening and guys u will be wasting your time, a 0 would be too high to score these guys

  2. Anonymous22:43

    agree canopy is rubbish. much better places to go

  3. amina khan23:02

    there was so much hype about the reopening i couldnt wait i use to love canopy me and my boyfriend use to go every week, went there last week and it was the biggest waste of time, if you want to go to a crappy dingy place full of teenagers and kids who deserve asbos and shouldnt be out past 7 then its your kinda place, it made le sheesh look classy, bring the old canopy back! out with the new and in with the new, anyone know any decent places where adults can go?