Monday, January 12

Retiring My Boys

Of all the people I've travelled with, none have been in my company more than my Boys. They've been with me to Canada, the Middle East, Morocco, Spain and other parts of Europe, Singapore, China, Indonesia and Australia. The really funny thing is that they're originally from Pakistan - they've travelled more than most of my other friends!

That's not to say that we don't hang out here in the UK either. In fact during the summer days we see each other at least once a day, usually more, although things literally freeze up during the colder season.

I try to introduce my Boys to as many people as possible - in fact a good indicator of whether you really know me or not is whether you've met them or not. You'd know if you had - most people can't help but comment when they first meet them.

But a relationship as intense as this things always have to end. In some ways it was because I was in contact with them for so long that I've now had to let them go. I do feel bad of course - it's not often you have something that feels so right, that's moulded so perfectly to you.

But things did start to break toward the end. Their flexibility decreased, dents appeared and things that were holding the whole thing together finally ripped apart. I hate that I have to replace my Boys, but then I guess all good things must come to an end eventually. They'll always keep a place in my heart, and I doubt that anything new will ever replace them.

So here ends my ode to my Boys. Man, I'll miss them.

They were also useful when I forgot what gender I was. It happened more often than you'd think you know.


  1. LOL. i got to hand it to you..THAT was amusing! goodbye shak's boys!

  2. You really should have Sexy boy by Air playing over this