Saturday, January 24

Game: Castle Crashers (360) Click for more info

My first paid for XBLA game, Castle Crashers is essentially Golden Axe updated for a new age. For those of you too young to remember the seminal hack and slash game, you play one of a possible four characters travelling from left to right, striking down enemies with your sword as you go along.

That's essentially it really, although there is depth in the form of new weapons and combos, magic and levelling up. Every now and then there's a boss or minigame, all welcome distractions to something which would otherwise be a bit samey. The graphics are fun and colourful and the style of the game is such that it provides a certain level of humour throughout.

It's not very difficult, although that probably defies the point really - with up to four players in the main game as well as versus modes this isn't really about challenge or depth but more about having a laugh with mates. It certainly doesn't lose points for that!

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