Sunday, January 4

The Science Museum

I have fond memories of visiting the Science Museum. They mainly involve my dad taking my brother and me there, where we played with the experiments and looked at all the exhibits (the more technical the better). The one thing that really stood out was the multiple floor spanning periscope, I think taken from a real submarine. I think I went back just to play with that.

Which is why it's crazy that I've not been back there for over 15 years, four of which were spent studying next door to it at Imperial (we were even allowed in for free at a time when they were charging for entry; it's free to all now).

Luckily the same Canadian friend of mine who I used as an excuse to go to The National Gallery happened to be going today and since it was her last I decided to tag along. And as the memories came flooding back I'm glad that I did.

It was the same stuff as before, except new and fancy and updated for the new century. The experiments were more hands on, the demonstrations nosier and the history updated with recent discoveries. The only thing missing was the periscope.

Alas we only had a couple of hours there so didn't cover it all... but then that's just an excuse to go back for more so it's not all bad news I suppose.

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