Sunday, January 18

Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner!

Me being the big girl I am (sigh), I've been wanting to watch Dirty Dancing for a while now; at least while it's still amusing to do so and before it becomes completely weird and perverted. A generous friend of mine made a promise that she'd watch it with me (she's an expert in everything Johnny and Baby), and tonight we finally got to.

Sure, I was the only guy watching the film, but I figured that I'd keep some level of masculinity by insisting that we watch it in 1080p (the girls noticed how pretty the water was, as well as the, uh, extra detail seen on Baby during that lake scene).

Now I like to think that I appreciate a good soppy movie, but I'm still not sure what the fuss was about with Dirty Dancing. There was a bit of angst, sure, but all I kept thinking about was how a mid twenties dance instructor could get away with groping a seventeen year old on the dance floor. I guess he was a hero throughout which was a refreshing change from other stories about how the girl "tames" the wild boy. I managed to take some notes too: I'm so going to utilise the line "I wasn't using them. They were using me!". What a guy. I loved the music too (watch out for "She's like the wind" coming soon to a karaoke bar near you).

The evening was on the verge of backfiring as my company regressed into talking about handbags but I managed to contribute something by asking about the moral and intrinsic value of a handbag worth £1200. Needless to say I lost the argument. Nevertheless it was a fun night prefixed by dinner accompanied with live singing and belly dancing.

Hmm. Perhaps I enjoyed it a bit too much? Although I'm glad to report that my nails aren't painted and my eyebrows are safe.


  1. Good Movie, we did the play version in highschool. I was no baby but i did learn to run and fly and somewhat sprain my ankle too.. Oh fun times!

  2. lol I watched this when I was a kid. I have three sisters and I know it too well.

  3. awww dirty dancing. classic chick flick. it's those electric moments wouldn't get it. gonna go listen to time of life and hungry eyes now on youtube...