Wednesday, January 7


xxxx says (14:27):
    so i got a scenraio for you
    you're in the toilet
    public one
    washed your hands
xxxx says (14:28):
    and you're about to open the door
    someone from outside pushes the door and the handle grazes your hand
    do you go back in and wash your hands?
Shak says (14:28):
xxxx says (14:28):
    I KNEW IT"!!!!!
    me too
Shak says (14:28):
    of cos
    whats the point otherwise?
xxxx says (14:29):


    so in your opionion
xxxx says (14:30):
    at work
    wha'ts worse
    the guys who just dont wash their hands
    or the ones that only wash when ther's someone else in the toilet
Shak says (14:30):
    tough one
Shak says (14:31):
    honesty vs part time clenliness
xxxx says (14:31):
    and the fact that at least with those who just dont wash ... you know about it
    thne you can stay clear
    its' the sly ones you gotta be wary of
    like there's this dude who I'm sure only washes when ppl are around
xxxx says (14:32):
    i had some books delivered to the office
    and he picked one up to flick through
    when i got home ... I had to desanitise it
Shak says (14:33):
    maybe we should just narrow our net
    so instead of cleaning the books....
    just assume all books are dirty and wash hands after using them
xxxx says (14:34):
    nah man .....
    it's a hasle if you're reading in bed
    cos then you gotta make sure the book doenst touch the sheets
Shak says (14:34):
xxxx says (14:34):
    and then you gotta get out of bed to wash before sleeping
    unlesss you have some desanitser gel next to the bed
    that's quite useful
    yyyy did that in vegas
Shak says (14:34):
    waht do yout hink of that liquid sanitiser alcohol gel stuff?
xxxx says (14:34):
    it hink it works quite welkl
    always have them with me on holiday
Shak says (14:34):
    is it enough tho
xxxx says (14:34):
    well ....
Shak says (14:35):
    sometimes i think it just... spreads it around
xxxx says (14:35):
    if you got s**t on your hands
    of course it's not gonna help
    but this kinda thing .... it's good for if you touch money and stuff'
    I'd stil go toilet to wash before eating and stuff
Shak says (14:36):
    you know...
    its times like this that im glad i know you
    makes me feel a bit less.... normal
xxxx says (14:36):
    hey man
Shak says (14:36):
    bit more normal i mean
xxxx says (14:36):
    not doing what we do is just sick
Shak says (14:36):
    i know
    it's the rest of society who are just plain dirty
xxxx says (14:36):
    although it does mean our immune system might not be as good as others
    i dont wanan get lupis!
Shak says (14:37):
    but the point is we dont get sick cos we dont bathe in germs right?
xxxx says (14:37):


Shak says (14:42):
    is is desanitise or sanitise?
xxxx says (14:42):
xxxx says (14:43):
    good point
    sanitise makes sense
    but they call those gel things desanitisers
Shak says (14:43):
Shak says (14:44):
    maybe ppl need the "de" bit to realise it's taking something away


  1. In this part of the world, they are called sanitizers. And, they just kill the germs, so basically the dead bacteria is still laying around on your hands.

    When I sign out books from the library, the first thing I do is sanitize the cover and the spine, before actually reading the book. So I don't feel that obsessive after reading this post :). Excellent post, btw.

  2. How do you know if a person only washed their hands if other people are around?

  3. Anonymous10:54

    Sometimes I wait a bit in public toilets until someone comes along and opens the door so I don't have to touch the handle. Other times I use a tissue to hold the handle.

    Good post. :)

  4. Zany, Kylie,

    Thanks for the support. I was expecting to get slated for having this attitude actually... I first wrote about it way back in 2006:

  5. sometimes I linger around in the toilets till noone is around, then I lick the handles