Saturday, January 24

Film: Bride Wars Click for more info

Buddette movie about a couple of best friends who accidentally book their respective weddings on the same date, with each then refusing to reschedule for the other. What results is around 90 minutes of tit for tat as they each try to ruin the best day ever for each other.

Despite the promising set up, Bride Wars wasn't all that funny - in fact I was left wondering how Judd Apatow et all would have dealt with the same context. I was also disappointed with the lack of any romance, with the film choosing to focus on the friendship between the two brides rather than the ones they had with their respective fianc├ęs.

Still, what you do end up with is a charming and feel good enough film about friendship and forgiveness. It's hardly the deepest of flicks (it all seemed a bit of a rush job actually), but it wasn't all that bad. Recommended if you don't want anything too heavy on a Saturday night.

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  1. People from the Apatow clan do have a new best man (weddingish) comedy coming out in March, called I Love You, Man.