Friday, January 16

Film: Chandi Chowk to China Click for more info

It's pretty clear from the start where CC2C gets its inspiration from. It manages to pay homage to all the classic kung-fu movies as well as the much later Stephen Chow. We even get a massive dose of Kung-Fu Panda too. If you're looking for originality then you're not gonna find it here, folks.

But then originality isn't really required to make a film good. No, for that you need a good story, good action and believable characters; unfortunately these are things CC2C fails on all counts with. No, wait - I'd say the story at least is passable.

Akshay Kumar gives a massively disappointing performance, especially after his brilliant one in Sing is Kiing, while the rest of the cast potter around doing their thing (where Deepika's "thing" is to just stand there and look pretty. Oh my).

But the biggest failure with CC2C is the clear lack of final care and polish that seems to have been left behind; a big surprise given the Warner Brothers label attached to it. We have bad flow and awful, unnecessary scenes (check out the one with the umbrella), a lazy plagiarising of other superior films and a bunch of actors who just can't be bothered. Even the music is underwhelming.

So not a film I'd recommend watching then? Well there is at least one... Well, technically two reasons to watch CC2C. No points for guessing what that is though.

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