Thursday, January 1

Film: The Spirit Click for more info

A relatively entertaining comic book adaptation outlining the battle (or rather what seems like a petty feud) between The Spirit and Octopus, two near-immortal, yet rather plain otherwise, characters.

The naming of the film is pretty ironic; it's severely lacking any meat or impact and is kinda lifeless as a result. The main asset here is the humour (witness the battle scenes between the two arch-nemeses, and The Spirit's incessant flirting with anything in a skirt), and perhaps this film would have been more appreciated if it had been viewed as a comedy? Nods go to the cast either way; they do a good job making up for the lack of, well, anything else.

Otherwise there's nothing really to see here.

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  1. You know, from the trailers, I could have sworn this was a film based on the PSP game Exit.