Wednesday, January 14


Although billed as a comedy, Well didn't make me laugh that much at all. Sure, there were a few times I guffawed out loud, but not quite enough to fulfil the promises this play originally made in its marketing.

That's not to say that it wasn't any good though; no, it was pretty intense, clever and out-there as it deliberately shattered the fourth wall repeatedly, laid a new foundation and then building an extension there instead. It really was a mind trip, one of those things that makes you question reality a bit too.

Natalie Casey was brilliant - as was the whole cast; it was hard enough for us in the audience to keep track of what was going on as each character grew and metamorphosed in front of our eyes, so I can't imagine how difficult and mind-warping it must have been for them. On the production side, the set was simple enough but effective, consisting of a static background and some wheely beds.

So overall I think I enjoyed this, despite not laughing my head off like I was expecting to. I'm still not sure exactly how much I liked it though - that's how weird and wonderful it actually was.

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