Sunday, January 11

Food: Indali Lounge Click for more info

Yawn. So here's yet another posh Indian - but what's this? A twist? This is a posh Indian... but healthy?

That is the main philosophy behind Indali Lounge - we have the same curries, kebabs and dals as you would find in any balti, but all made for the health conscious amongst us. As a result you have strange concepts such as a butter-free butter-chicken (patent pending), a creamless dal and a gheeless carrot halwa.

Sounds amazingly boring, no? Well actually it wasn't that bad - okay there's no way I would prefer a butter-free chicken over the more sinful variety, but as a whole we did enjoy the food somewhat.

The place is nice too, choosing a modern design over the classical Indian these places usually do. But since the food isn't that special this it's this ambience that costs the most; a decent meal here (admittedly with a mocktail each) costing over £28 per head. For what you're getting this is pretty prohibitive, and as such Indali Lounge isn't a place I'll be heading back to anytime soon - not when you can get a butter-full butter chicken for a third of the price. For those of you who want a healthy option, well there are nicer places to go for that too.

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