Friday, January 9

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This was the first time I had gotten a chance to attend Rebel Muzik, a monthly gig showcasing what is probably the best of breed of what is becoming known as spiritual music. Alas previous plans (like going to China) put paid to any chance of attending in 2008, but the new year finally provided me a chance to go.

It really is simple: a fiver gets you into a cosy and intimate space for three or so hours of music and performance with a message - think Radical Middle Way/Dangerous Ideas but much cooler, distilled and without a non-obvious agenda and you'll get what I mean. I thought the lack of a dancefloor and a non-alcoholic policy was especially cute and comforting.

The evening opened with an hour session of open mic - not that I could notice the lack in quality or anything. We had poetry, spoken word, hip-hop and singing, all thoroughly enjoyable. The set up the theme of the evening, and most acts were dedicated to the people of Gaza.

For the main programme though I was lucky enough to see Poetic Pilgrimage again (drool), M9, Saul Abraham and my favourite hit of the night, Rachel Rose Reid: a Jewish (noted just for the superficial irony) storyteller and singer. I honestly didn't get what a professional storyteller was until seeing her tonight. She was pretty stunning actually.

So Rebel Muzik was pretty much an excellent and hassle free night out regardless of what faith you happen to follow. If you're interested in checking it out, it's held on during the first Thursday of each month at the Inn on the Green, Ladbroke Grove. I know I'll be returning - in fact I hope this becomes a regular entry in my social diary.

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  1. Rachel Rose Reid sounds interesting, I'm still bummed I missed it.

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